Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Four "generations" of missionaries: L-R: Seth's trainee, Seth, Seth's trainer, and Seth's trainer's trainer.  :-)
Hey guys!

This week has been tough, but we're progressing further in the Work. "R" has been put on the back burner for awhile.  :( Too much stuff has happened between all of us and she really just doesn't have a strong enough desire to overcome them. It's been sad, but I trust that the Lord is mindful and has it all in His hands. We managed to find three new investigators last week. One guy lives in our apartment complex and is really cool. He's 26 and has a good attitude. He was interested by the gospel because he never really had a strong religious background growng up besides somewhat of a Catholic raising from his parents. He agreed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. :) We're going to see him tonight. "O" and "A" are brothers who live in Santa Julia. We contacted their mom earlier in the week and then went back to see her. "O" answered the door (he's 16) and said that she wasn't home. So, we introduced ourselves and said that we would come back in a few more days. On Saturday, the grandmother answered and said that the mom wasn't home and that "O" and "A" were in bed. As we began walking away, "O" and "A" ran up to the gate to greet us, even though they looked like they literally just woke up haha. We taught them about the Restoration of the gospel and said that they were interested. We gave them a Book of Mormon and invited them to read it.

I'm praying that everything goes well with them this week!

On Sunday, a missionary couple came to our ward to introduce themselves and orient us on a traveling visitor's center that we're going to do at the end of the month. It's supposed to be incredible and I'm excited to do it. During the orientation yesterday, I served as the translator for the Sister, and it was pretty fun haha.

We know a man who lives in our apartment complex named Alberto, who is about 75 years old and very nice. He is Catholic but he loves to have us over to talk with him. I try not to go over too often because he has said he's not going to change his religion, but we go every once in awhile. Anyway, we finally taught him part of lesson one, and we started talking about the Book of Mormon. I read part of the introdution, which grabbed his attention. He got really interested in it and asked us if he could buy one. He was even more impressed when we just gave it to him for free haha. He's been reading it every day he says and really likes it. I'm interested to find out what he thinks when he gets to 2 Nephi haha.

Everything is very good here. The mission is trying; the thing I want to do more than anything else is be obedient and work hard. Sometimes it gets complicated if my companion and I don't see eye to eye on something and it can be a little tough sometimes.

I love you all so much! I'm excited for school to be done and for the move. I'm actually interested to see how our adulthood is if we are so accostumed to being in an area for three years max haha. I'm happy Kurt is having an awesome time on all the fieldtrips. I love you, Mom, Dad, Kurt, Maddie and Lindsey. I miss you all so much. Thank you for EVERTHING you do for me and for your support and love. Know that I love you and will always do anything for you. :)

Thanks to all our friends and extended family for your support as well.  I appreciate it so much!

You're in my prayers as always! ¡Los quiero muchísimo!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Editor's Note: Amazingly, Seth is still in his first area of the mission and will not transfer this month.  Next month he will be at a year into the mission in the same area.  He is rising to the challenge, he is doing great, he is healthy, and he and his companion are finding people to teach and have two baptism dates scheduled.  For the past few weeks, Seth and his mom have been emailing back and forth (chatting) during Seth's email time so he hasn't written a long letter to post.  I guess we can forgive his mom for that.  :-)  Finally, because all family members could not be present on Mother's Day for the traditional phone call, Seth's mission president graciously allowed him to call/Skype a week later--on the 19th.  He looked GREAT!  This email was sent the following day: 

Hey everyone! So this email will be short since I had a chance to talk to you yesterday. This time around it didn't take me as long to get out of the daze that I seem to get after skyping you guys. It might have been because of the family that hosted my skype session with you guys, because they gave me some food during and after I skpyed you haha. They are a great family (their name is "Alegría" so they have to be awesome haha).  [Alegria means "joy" or "happiness."]

Hey no worries about me staying in my sector for another change. I hope you're not too worried! I figure that I only have one left here anyway so it'll all be good. I heard from Eric Neal today. He's great! I'll occasionally email other people too, it just takes my time away from you guys so it's a difficult balance haha.

I'll continue working hard and giving it my best! I'm so grateful for the blessings that the Lord has given us thanks to this beautiful work. I'm always praying for you and I think about you a ton. Thank you for your prayers, because the Lord has been answering them. :)

I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Sorry that this email was pretty short!

P.P.S. I still can't believe Lindsey is taller than Maddie now!


The biggest highlight of the week was that we went on a temple tour with "C" and "Y". It went super well and the Spirit was definitely there. I'm grateful to have the temple so close by here. We're just working a ton and trying to find more investigators. It's so hard here! We found one more, but I don't know how far he'll go. He is very poor and has very little understanding of a lot of things. Santiago East is quite the mission! I'm grateful to be here though. I'm just pushing against all the struggles to find the miracles. I know the Lord is at the head of this Work. He truly knows us and is helping us at every step in our lives.

I love and miss you all SO much!

Elder Hill

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Seventh change in Los Plátanos and called to be a District Leader.

I'm still in Los Plátanos for another change! Who knows how long I'll be here haha. I remember when Dad was telling me that I would be out of here after my third change if not my second haha.

Elder Close and I are well. We had some rough moments this past week, but I'm remembering what you all told me about this time being one of the toughest time in the mission so I'm being as patient as I know how to and it is definitely showing its rewards. Every little conflict that we have had, we have been able to bounce back. I'm thankful for the gospel and this missionary work and how it allows us to do that.  I'm learning so much.

"C" is doing extremely well. She appears to be good friends with people in the Young Single Adults and went to General Conference with us on Sunday. We're working with her mom right now (who has a baptismal date for the 21st!). She has come such a long way and I am so happy for her. Her biggest trial right now is smoking but we are working with her and praying very hard for her.

We are struggling so hard to find new investigators so please pray for that specifically for us.

Oh, and my zone got split due to the huge numbers of incoming missionaries. I am now the District Leader for six missionaries! I'm excited to help and serve that way. I was used to it because Elder Smith was a district leader and I actually missed that dimension of the work after he left. So I'm happy that I get to aid in that part of missionary work again.

How did you all like General Conference? I loved it! I was actually hoping that they would say that the time that missionaries served was extended to three years haha. I watch half the Conference in Spanish with "C" and with another missionary. It's not the same unfortunately, but it's not bad. I watched Elder Perry's talk (I think it was him, he spoke about obedience to the laws of the Gospel) in Spanish and I could see him getting so passionate in the background, but the interpreter was pretty neutral. That was a bummer, but it's still great how well the Church can instantly speak to the whole world at once, despite language barriers.

I finally got your package this week and loved it.  I ate the Teddy Grahams during Conference haha. :)

I ran out of time so I need to go. I love you all so much! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I always do the same.

Arto amor,
Elder Hill


Hey everybody!  Happy Easter!

First, I LOVED all the videos that you sent me this past week. I loved seeing everyone and seeing a lot of you. I was surprised to see Maddie with her glasses! But you are super gorgeous Maddie so no worries. :)  Lindsey, you look great and older. Maddie and Lindsey look older, Kurt just looks jackkked (you're welcome for the comment dude), and Mom and Dad just look younger than ever. ;)

I really miss you guys! I had a great week this week, although it's starting to get colder. Just think to yourselves, every day that's warmer for you, I'm just that much colder. ;) haha. It's a fun change though from the heat. I like drinking Ecco more now that it's colder.

Elder Close and I are doing well. He's slowly adjusting to Spanish. This companionship is teaching me a little more about patience in a different aspect I guess haha. We have a lot of fun though when we get all goofy so that's good. :)  Elder Close confirmed "C" yesterday! He was so nervous all week and when he gave her a blessing, he was shaking so much. "C" said her head was being shook the whole blessing haha, but she said it didn't bother her. There are just things that happen she says. She's a good sport. :) She's meeting a lot of the ward now! Her mom also wants to be baptized now because she has seen the blessings that the gospel has brought. Also, when we taught her about temples and baptisms for the dead, she was sold haha.

We taught some less actives that I didn't know before, so we're working with them. We also "broke up" with "F", but we're still on good terms. He said he thought about it and he didn't want to make too many promises that he said he wasn't going to keep always. So, we're done with him for now.

We had a fun activity on Saturday. We watched a play that a guy in our ward was in that was recorded as part of BYU's art program. He had special rights to show it so we invited investigators and watched it. No investigators showed up, but it was a good turn out still and "C" was there. It was so funny to watch our friend from our ward in the play because he had to hide his Chilean accent a little to make it more neutral. It was funny. :)

Nothing too interesting happened to me on Easter, but it was still a good day! I'm super excited for General Conference now!

I miss you all so much and pray for you constantly. I hope all is well at home!

Muchísimo amor,
Elder Hill

Tuesday, March 26, 2013



What a week this has been for all of us! I'm so happy to hear about everyone and that Kurt received his Patriarchal Blessing yesterday! I hope you're enjoying the snow days. :) Mom, you must be bored now without having to do so much stuff for primary [she was just released as Primary President]! But I presume that you're putting all of that time now into getting the house ready to sell and getting everyone ready to move out. You all must be so excited.

"C" was baptized yesterday! It turned out to be a wonderful baptism and she was very happy. She asked me to baptize her so I did (although I wanted Elder Close to baptize her). I understand though that I have had much more contact with her and we've become good friends. Her mom told me that she has a testimony of the Church and that she's going to get baptized too! We just need to help her quit smoking and make sure that she has a testimony from the Holy Ghost. Today, the sister missionaries from my sector, "C," and other sister missionaries and elders got together and we hung out for a little bit and had a mini picnic. It was fun. :) "C" is also going to go to an activity with the Young Single Adults tonight, so she is assimilating herself into the ward well! I'm so happy about it.

"F" isn't progressing much so I'm going to speak to him pretty straight-forward and try to resolve any miscommunication that we have between us (and we have a lot because he has weird ideas and I don't speak perfect Spanish haha). We'll see where it goes this week. He didn't go to church yesterday either.

We still meet with "A" here and there. Mondays have seemed to be good times to meet with him lately. We're going to see him after I write you. Right now, I'm working on being his friend and kindly steering him towards the truth. I hope he gets baptized while I'm here, but I'm not sure. We're going to challenge him for baptism again tonight.

President Wright called an unplanned meeting with the new missionaries and their trainers. It was an amazing meeting. He talked about the Atonement and about integrity.

We've been going out with a lot of members lately, but now I'm seeing that it isn't just if we can get a member in the lesson, but that we can help create friendships between members and investigators. I've wondered why investigators aren't progressing even though they have met five or six members that we brought over, and now I've realized that a each member has come over only once. There's no way that the investigator can have a good relationship with that member unless he or she has more contact with them. We're going to bring a couple over to meet with an investigator that we have, and I hope that it goes better.

I'm getting excited for General Conference! I might watch it in Spanish this time because I'm planning on bringing a ton of people. :)

It's still hot here, but it's slowing turning to Fall. I don't need anything at this moment. I can buy thermals here, and if I really need another coat, I'll just buy it. I'm hoping that I receive your package tomorrow. :)

I love you all a TON!  I'm looking forward to Skyping all of you! The time will be here soon!

Con MUCHO amor,
Elder Hill

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey everyone!

This week went really well for me. I hope the same was for you guys! "C" told us that she is ready and wants to be baptized. So, the offical offical date is the 24th. :)

"F" is still learning and understanding very little. He keeps coming to church though and doing the things that we ask him. So, if he keeps that up, he'll get there eventually. I think he thought that baptism was just a way of saying thanks to God but doesn't mean any more than that. He thinks that it is bad to pray out-loud, because Jesus talks about the hypocrites praying in His Sermon on the Mount, but he doesn't even know what hypocrite means haha. I didn't explain it too well, but I got a good definition from the dictionary that Dad sent me so we'll work with him on that.

We found another investigator named "M" and she has a baptismal date now. I hope she goes the distance, but she says right now that she can only meet with us once a week. We'll have to change that. She's nice and receptive though.

We talked with a man who asked me how we are so happy and full of energy all the time. I told him it was because we are following Jesus Christ. He than asked me if heaven exists and said yes. He told me that it was another planet and that we were going to "jump" to that planet and leave people like him behind. I asked him if we could teach him because he obviously needed help haha. But he said no so we ended it with that.

We have some other investigators, but they aren't progressing much. We're doing our best though! This gospel is too important for everyone to not keep working hard.

Tonight, we're going to teach "A" in a Family Home Evening. I'm planning on talking about the Great Apostasy in depth to help him understand how important a true church is and that it has been restored.

Elder Close is doing well. He's really struggling with Spanish. He's getting frustrated with it a lot too. Pray for him please. We get along really well. I care about him a lot and I want him to have a good time and do a lot with me. I think I'm too serious for his tastes (but you guys know me. I'm not that serious am I? Let me know in the next email haha).

I hope that Chad, Torie, and everyone had a good time in DC and a good trip home. I'm looking forward to be living closer to them. :)

It's crazy to hear about the ward split. I can't believe how the Church is growing. I just saw on lds.org that they updated the LDS version of the scriptures too. All of that kind of makes me feel old haha. I feel like I'm seeing changes that one sees as years accumulate. 

I love you guys so much! Everything is going great here. I love this mission and I love seeing how the Lord is blessing all of you. I'm still waiting on your package, but I'll let you know as soon as I get it. I got a letter from Ashton and from Sarah Black this week, which was really nice. :) Ashton is doing well! From what he wrote me, he's having a great time like I am.

That's all I have for this week. Oh, Mom, can you send me a picture of the wall in the family room that you decorated? A member in my ward wants to use it to get ideas on how to decorate her family room haha.

I love and miss you guys sooooo much! I'll talk to you next week!

Con amor,
Elder Hill

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


¡Hola chiquillos!

I hope you all had a great week! This week for me went very well. On Monday, we had the setting apart and farewell of Hernan, who went to Floridianopolis, Brazil on his mission. It was fairly emotional for me because I really like Hernan and we became good friends. I'm going to keep in touch with him a little bit. My new companion, Elder Close, is doing well! He didn't know much Spanish before the mission (or at least he doesn't remember any from high school haha), so, it's been a tough climb for him. I've been trying to be very patient and helpful. It was weird to go from a companion who was my example for Spanish to a companion who doesn't know much of it. I'm trying to teach him everything right though. Towards the end of the week, we had a surprise meeting with the new missionaries and some service with made us really busy with studying and planning, but we're doing well.

"F" came to church on Sunday! We went by his house in the morning, but decided not to yell because everyone was sleeping. We saw that the gate was opened and thought that that meant that he left, because he was already on his way to church when we saw him last Sunday. Turned out that he was asleep hmmm. We called him after the Sacrament and he showed up in twenty more minutes.  :)  We had some really good lessons with him this week and he's progressing a lot. Unfortunately, he has a lot of weird ideas about doctrine. For example, he didn't want to accept Jesus Christ because he thought he was only supposed to worship "God." We corrected him on that, but he has a lot of ideas like that.

"C" went to Valparaíso this weekend, so she missed church. We were going to see her tonight, but she just called me and cancelled the visit. :( She has a baptismal date for this Sunday, but I'm worried that it's going to fall again. I'm going to have to do something crazy this week to make it all work out haha.

We have other investigators, but they're not progressing much yet. We desperately need to find more, but I've really struggled with that my whole mission. I wish I had some cool musical or artistic ability to attract people to talk to me or make them more interested.

Today, we went to a big mall in the nicer part of Santiago called Las Condes. We ate lunch in the Hard Rock Café, and an extremely nice man came up to us and gave us money to pay for our lunch (and Hard Rock Café isn't cheap). John Collins, if you ever read this, thank you! It was fun to go around the mall and feel more at home (because the nicer parts of Santiago feel more American). Elder Close's camera also broke so we tried to get it fixed. We found a Nikon store kind of near the mall, but we didn't have time to check it out.

I wish I could be there while the Mickelson family is visiting! I love being here but I don't like missing out on family. I hope they had a good stay. I really liked the video that Maddie sent this week. I love and miss you guys so much!!!! Only a little more time until we can skype again. :) Thank you for sending that package! I'm waiting very patiently for the music haha. I can't believe all the changes and things that are going on at home! I hope everything is well and happy for you guys. Everyone looks older (except for Mom), but at the same time everyone looks the same. I love you all so much! :)

Mucho Amor,
Elder Hill

Friday, March 1, 2013


Hey everyone!!!

So, this week has been tough in the work. On the bright side, we have some new investigators and we are constantly finding more. Elder Smith and I are quite a team when it comes to teaching and contacting. He is an amazing companion. "C" and "Y" went to the beach at the last second so they weren't here for the whole week. That was really tough. They returned on Saturday and "C" went with us to church on Sunday. We talked to her about her baptismal date (because it is for the 3rd of March!) and she said that she is still good for right now. She says that she really likes church and feels very good there. She didn't read much or meet with us at all the past week, so spiritual confirmations have been scarce. It is SO important that investigators and the missionaries stay in good contact and meet often, otherwise, spiritual answers are tough to come by. That applies to everyone; we all need to be doing our part to have the Spirit in our lives.

Big news--Elder Smith was changed this morning. And I'm staying in Los Plátanos as a trainer! I'm super excited but a little anxious too. I'll meet my companion tomorrow when they arrive. I actually just found out who it was because my name showed up next to his when I entered in my weekly indicators online. His name is Elder Close, so I'm assuming that he's a "gringo" haha. I'm not sure if I would have been happier with a gringo or a latino, but now I know who he is and I'll move forward. I'm excited. :) Please pray for me very hard this change! I'm going directly from the only companion I've had in the field (and who trained me) to training a gringo. It'll work out great and I'll learn a ton. I'm definitely capable. Elder Cadden and Elder Measom are training too. I did divisions [splits] with a brand new Elder this week and I really enjoyed it, so maybe I'm made to train. Haha.

That is all the big news for the week. Pray for "C" and for Elder Close and for me! This is going to be an interesting week!

I love you all so much and I'll let you know how things are going next Monday!

Les quiero muchísimo,

Elder Hill

Wednesday, February 13, 2013



The new sister missionaries arrived this week, our sector split, and now we miss having the whole sector to work with haha. We're doing alright, but now we aren't running from appointment to appointment and we are often left with just contacting people in the streets, which so far hasn't produced many results. Nearly all the people we talk to are "set in their ways" when it comes to religion. If I could point out a scripture in the Bible that says the Mormons are the true church, they still wouldn't accept it... A lot of people express that it is ridiculous that there are so many churches, but when we try to explain why that is and how the original church of Christ is on the earth today, they don't understand and still think of the Latter-day Saints as any other of the many churches. It honestly is like Joseph Smith's Palmyra here, and unfortunately, most people aren't interested in finding out what is the truth. We keep trying though!

The city of Santiago cut a lot of people's water this weekend, which caused many to not come to church, including "Y"... We made the bad call of not going to pick them up because we thought that they would be okay (I've learned my lesson now to never assume that). She and her whole family apparently slept in. We went by that afternoon to see them. We're going to make sure she goes this next Sunday. We actually set baptismal dates with the mom and a sister for the 3rd of March, which Elder Smith and I were very excited for. Yesterday, the mom said she doesn't want to continue with the lessons. She really surprised me with that. She didn't bring up a valid reason why she wanted to stop, but she did say that she would like to tell us about it privately. So, I don't know what's up, but we're going to figure it out. Her sister is so on track for baptism. She's really cool and good about everything. I'm grateful for that.

We had another woman tell us that we are "cold" people (which was her way of saying no to listening to us), even though she said that we are "really good people" and "definitely sent by God." I don't know why they say that haha. It's their choice to think that though; it's too bad that false observations like that are going to keep them from the restored gospel. It makes me really sad when people are held from the truth because of silly excuses, but that's just how it is.

We had some good lessons this week, but we want a lot more. It's hard when you can't find anyone to teach, but I'm trying my best. We have some new plans we're going to try out.
Wow, a lot has been going on at home this week. That's great about Corinne's mission call! A girl in my ward also opened hers this week and was called to Brazil. I don't remember the name of her mission either haha.
I am healthy and my apartment is clean. ;) No worries!

I have to go now. I love you all so much!!!

Con amor,
Elder Hill

Sunday, February 10, 2013


"Y's" Baptism!

Sector Slam

Superstars of the Santiago East Mission

Just so you know.....I'm still in Los Plátanos! This change is only three weeks though so it will go by fast. We have two new sister missionaries in the ward, although we haven't met them yet. Elder Smith knows about one of them (she's from southern Chile and is supposedly amazing) and her companion is fresh out of the Santiago MTC. I'm excited to work with them. Other big news, "B" got confirmed and "Y" got baptized yesterday! She gave me the honors of baptizing her. She was a little bit of a miracle because our appointments fell everyday of last week until Thursday. We told her that if she wants to get baptized that Sunday, she has to meet with us on Friday and Saturday also, and she did! She said she was very happy to be baptized, and her mom also says she has a lot of interest in the Church and really enjoys listening to us. She said she felt uncomfortable in the Gospel Principles class, but other than that it went well. I was originally going to confirm "B,"but Elder Smith and I barely missed the beginning of Sacrament meeting because we helped "Y's"family get to church and the bishopric already confirmed "B" but he said it was all good so I'm happy that it was a good experience for him.

We also had a huge sector slam with the missionaries from the Santiago MTC in my sector. I felt a little bit like one of the bosses haha. I met a man who works in the MTC who served with Sam Woodruff! His name was Oscar Cedros (or something close to that). You have to love the small Mormon world. :) The new sister missionary was in the sector slam, so I'll figure out which one it was this week haha.

That's great that Garrisonville got two more missionaries! Congratulate Elder De Haan for me please; I'm really happy for him.

I've been thinking a lot about all my friends who are serving missions. I have had the hardest time finding time to write letters but I feel really bad that I haven't been able to really write anyone.

I got a letter from Aunt Amy and Amy Sumner this week! It was great to hear from the Amys in my life haha. Thank you so much! I enjoyed hearing how things are. I always keep you guys in my prayers!

I'm so happy to hear what's happening at home. I send my love to all of you guys. Oh Moes Mondays....how I miss them.  I really liked the photos and videos this week. Brilliant job recording Kurt and Cameron in seminary Maddie haha.

To answer your question, Dad, I can pull my own weight on the Spanish now. I obviously don't know a ton of words and I don't sound like a native (yet haha), but I can understand Chileans and survive perfectly fine. I guess I haven't mentioned Spanish because it isn't something that is bothering me anymore. I want to speak way better and way faster still, but I can talk to people and teach them fine, and I'm sure it'll continue to get better with time and having Latin companions. Hopefully I'm average or above average with gringo missionaries! I've successfully integrated myself into Chile haha.

Mom, thank you for your email. I miss you! There was a woman who made us a really nice meal this week and she was talking about how she is always amazed with the moms who let their children leave for missions. She took care of us that night like a mom would and I felt very loved, almost like you were taking care of me. :)

A man from Utah named Nahimu came down for the weekend to participate in his convert's baby blessing. He took us out to lunch today before he left for his flight and we had a very good conversation. If you ever find and read my emails, Nahimu, thanks for the good time! I saw more of Santiago today than I have in a while and it was a really good day. You also shared some really good advice with Elder Smith and I that I will always remember.

I got your package for me this past week! The cookies worked out perfectly. They were soooo good haha. I still have five more so don't worry that I ate everything at once. ;) Thank you for everything you sent me! I loved getting more ties!

I love you all and miss you so much! Being with Nahimu helped me look at things a little more beyond the mission, and I want to be sure that I do things right, be smart, and trust the Lord. I pray that we all can do that. I can't to hear from you next week!

All my love,
Elder Hill


Elder Hill, "B," and Elder Smith


P-day Fun
Hey everyone!

Guess what happened yesterday? "B" got baptized! It turned out to be a great baptismal service, and he stayed for all the classes for the first time yesterday (he always said that he would start staying for all the meetings once he was baptized). He is very happy. The bishop called him to be a ward missionary, which is a great calling for him and I'm excited to do things with him outside of the usual visits that we have. I am so happy right now. :) Even if I don't know all the reasons why the Lord sent me to Los Plátanos, I know for sure that one of the reasons was for "B."

We've found a couple new investigators, one probably having a lot of potential (she's the mom of "Y"). I invited her to listen to us teach "Y" so that she at least knows what "Y" is learning. She heard part of the Plan of Salvation, so she agreed to listen in our next visit. She participated in lesson three--the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and said that she liked it a lot. I invited her to come to church with everyone, and she accepted. She should hopefully come this-coming Sunday if she doesn't have anything schedule-wise to impede her.

Something random that happened this week was that we were outside a house on Saturday, planning on making the appointment that we had. Then, Elder Smith and I hear a man behind us speaking to us in English. I usually don't speak English to people in Chile because nearly nobody speaks English that well. Plus, having a formal conversation in English feels unnatural. For some reason, I answered in English, and then the guy began to explain that he's from Los Angeles. I realized that he actually knew Spanish because he had an LA accent (also because he started swearing like an American, which, by the way, made me happy--if you know what I mean--to hear someone swearing English words with a non-Spanish accent haha, I hear too many Chileans shouting swear words at us), and he said that he was studying here but that he got caught up in drugs and said he really needed help and figured that he should ask the Elders that he always sees. He doesn't live in my sector, so I got his number and sent it as a reference. I hope that he gets the help he needs; he seemed really humble. Just an experience that doesn't happen too often.

Today, we played futbol [soccer] as a zone and that was a lot of fun.

It sounds like life is crazy like usual for you guys. I'm happy to hear that Kurt is home from the hospital and that he is already trying to get back in the routine of things. Everyone else sounds like their doing fine too. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys all the way from Chile.

I'm grateful for the gospel. I'm constantly amazed at just how powerful it is and what it does for us. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he paid the most incredible price for us, but that we are worth it to Him. I want to make sure I do all that I can to make myself worth it. God is there and He listens to us and is involved in our lives. I feel His reservoir of strength giving me the ability to always work harder and dare to do the difficult and even the seemingly impossible. Thank you for all your support too, guys. Your prayers are definitely working. The letters and messages that I receive from you are also so appreciated.  :)

This is the last week of this change, so we'll see if it's time for me to go somewhere else! The next change is only three weeks though due to the new missionaries from the age change.

Wish Blake and Kylie the best for me before they leave!

We are having all the missionaries in the MTC here in Santiago come to Elder Smith's and my sector to do some heavy duty contacting this Saturday, so I'll give you a report on how that goes by next Monday.

That's all for this week on my end of the world. Stay safe in the snow and ice! I love you so much!!!

Con amor,
Elder Hill

Monday, January 28, 2013


Everyone please note Seth's new mailing address.  He did not transfer areas...the mission office simply relocated.

Elder Seth Hill
Chile Santiago East Mission
Cristobal Colón 6824
Las Condes, Casilla 27.144
Santiago, Región Metropolitana


Hola hola!

This week has been a very busy, productive, and happy week. We did a lot of service and also found a new investigator this week. We took "A" to the temple this week [see the photos above] and it went amazing for all of us. The sister missionaries gave us a tour and we all felt the Spirit in abundance. Last night, we also took him to a fireside with President Wright and a lot of investigators, recent converts, and less-actives. It was a very spiritual experience for everyone, especially "A."

Something interesting that happened to me this week was that a woman we contacted told us that we were cold people and lacked God's authority. We were having a very cordial conversation and then she just came out and said that. I don't consider myself a cold person so I brushed that off with a laugh, but it bothered me when she said I didn't have God's authority. She said it I think because we don't yell or get overly animated when we teach, which I think was what she expected. I tried to kindly, but firmly, defend that remark, because it really bothered me on a personal level, but she didn't care for what we said. I left that conversation with her determined to make sure that I act in a way that gives my priesthood true authority and gives me power as a person.

"P" has plateaued this past week because she dropped her baptismal date. She actually disappeared yesterday after we tried to get her up for church (we banged pots and pans even) and no one heard from her for awhile. Elder Smith and I are going to call her tonight after her work to figure out what's going on. I think she just felt under too much pressure, but we'll evaluate everything a fix it quickly.

I also talked to a Cuban who was very intriguing. He's atheist due to him being raised in Cuba, but he was very respectful and he took the challenge that we gave him to read the Book of Mormon. We're going by on Sunday, and we'll see if it made an impact on him. The Book of Mormon is powerful, so I'm expecting him to be impacted by it.

I also gave a talk on Sunday. I based it on 1 Nephi 3:7.

I don't have much time to write this week because I got behind on time. We hung out with some of the other missionaries today and ordered Pizza Hut and stuff. It was fun. :)

I want to make a shout out to the Rasmussen's (thank you for your Christmas card!), Emily Sizemore (I LOVED your letter, Emily. I'll try to write back as soon as I can!), the Prices (thank you for everything you sent me! I enjoyed getting the pictures a ton), and Uncle Tyler (thank you for writing me and sharing your experiences. I definitely expect to hear the rest of the story). I love you all so much!

I hope you all have an amazing week and continue strong and happy in the courses of your lives. God is mindful of all of us, and only wants us to obey Him because that is the only way to true happiness. I know He lives and that His full gospel is taught only in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What an amazing church and gospel it is.

I love you all and miss you incredibly! I pray for you always.

Mucho cari y amor,
Elder Hill



It feels like another week flew by for me too. Quick summary of what I did: 

On Monday, we had a noche de hogar [FHE] with two families. One family has two children who were baptized, but the mom and her boyfriend aren't members. It went very well.

On Tuesday, we met with a member and her husband (who isn't a member) for the first time after trying for over a month to visit them. We have an appointment for this-coming Tuesday too. We also visited "B," who's doing very well. It's still a little difficult, but, he's making progress and I feel like everything will work out very well. I found out that one of the big reasons that he doesn't want to marry his pareja [girlfriend] is because if he did, then he would have to live with her in her apartment. That means he would leave his mom in the población [by herself outside the city] with no one trustworthy to take care of her. His mom just wants him to get baptized though no matter what happens. So, everything is going well with him. I'm guessing he's going to break up with her. Hopefully in time so that I can be at his baptism.

On Wednesday, we visited with a man who's a member, but we learned from him that he has absolutely no testimony. It was kind of tough to talk to him because he was pretty negative. Then right before we left, we found out that he takes anti-depression medication but didn't take it that day because he thinks he doesn't need it and his wife wasn't there to make him take it. That helped explain a lot.

On Thursday, we visited a less-active who is coming back to activity. We are very happy about her progress. :)  She's a great woman with a strong testimony.

On Friday, we taught a new investigator and set a baptismal date with her! She's 12 and is going to girls camp with the young women this week. We also taught a woman who is a pastor of her own church but was visiting a family member who's LDS. That was fun. :)

I had divisions [splits] on Saturday with Elder Ramirez, a Peruvian. We taught a less-active family, "B," and "P" that night. We taught "B" about the Priesthood and we ran out of time to teach "P" because she got home later than planned. But, our ward mission leader has been visiting her late at night regularly and went on Saturday even though he was really sick and even told me earlier that day that he wouldn't be able to go. He's so cool. Because of him, "P" is progressing and is quitting smoking. :)

On Sunday, "B," "P," and "Y" (the 12 year old investigator), and a ton of people we have been visiting who are less-active came! :)

Basically, this week has been a very good one. We're getting members to come out with us a ton. The only bitter part is that "C" went to the beach with "J," so we haven't been able to progress with him, and nothing has happened with "A." We've let "H" have him for the week so that we didn't bother "A," but we're going to meet with him soon--hopefully today.

Tell Susan I say hi back and tell Kelly hi for me too. Believe it or not, I have been wanting to say hi to them but I have forgotten every time I emailed home. I think about them often and hope that they are well. I hope Kelly's son is preparing for his mission good and early! :) Tell him that missions are the best. Congratulate the missionaries in the ward about their baptism. From one missionary to another, a baptism it is a great joy and accomplishment and I am happy for them.

Mom, about the stuff you asked me. I don't have flea problems were I live, so I have been using the water sprayer for ironing haha. The bed sheets are a little too small for my bed, so I use a bed spread that another elder left behind, and the sheets you made for me as a regular sheet. I personally like using a bed spread more than the sheets sewed up.

I'm always happy to hear how Maddie and Lindsey have good social lives. I might have to crash a party or two of theirs after I'm home. ;)

Tell all the youth thank you for their Christmas card! I loved it. :) It's so good to feel thought of and loved.

The Gospel is true and real, and is the best thing in the universe. I wish everyone felt that way about it. I'm trying to show as many people as possible that it really is. Thank you so much for your prayers. They make all the difference. I'm praying for you guys and everyone back home and on missions. Elder Smith and I are good, healthy, and happy. ¡Que Dios les cuide y protega!

Todo mi amor,
Elder Hill

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


With a very cute member of the ward!

This street is decorated for Christmas.

With his companion at the Santiago Temple.

Happy New Year's Eve!

I wish I could Skype you all again right now! It was so good to see you on Christmas. We'll just have to make due with email for a little bit.

After Christmas, my week went really well! We found three new investigators this week and challenged another for baptism and she accepted! A less-active that we've been working with named "O" and her daughter, "C," finally came to church too! On Friday, we contacted a reference that another Elder gave us. Her name is "F" and she has had an extremely difficult family life. She has lost all trust in God, but was very grateful that we came and listened to her. I also believe that the spiritual strength we brought into her home helped her too. She could become a very good investigator if she takes the necessary steps of faith. The cops showed up while we were teaching her too because they were looking for one of her daughters. It is definitely a different way of life here.

I'm starting to really understand faith, and I plan on it changing my missionary work even more. My Ward Mission Leader is teaching me a lot. For example, he was with us last night with "P," the investigator that we challenged for baptism, and Elder Smith and I taught a lesson about baptism and how necessary it is. The discussion was starting to drift more to Elder Smith talking and he didn't challenge her. I really wanted to challenge her and when I looked over at our Ward Mission Leader, he had a look on his face that said "we are challenging her no matter what" haha.  He took control of the conversation and talked about a scripture he really liked and then I just swooped in from behind in the conversation and challenged her point blank. It was perfect! She expressed that she was afraid to take that step but we comforted her and told that she has to take this step of faith in order to reach baptism. She said okay and then I told her about how The Lord knew that she made that decision and that He will bless her and help her. Then she started crying. It was so great! I'm becoming more and more of the missionary I want to be.

"A" didn't come to church yesterday because he is afraid of telling his mom, so keep him in your prayers. We're meeting with him right after I send this email.

"B" is still good for his baptism this coming Sunday! We're all excited. There was a moment when we taught him last week that we asked him how he feels about his date, and he said that he was sure so resolutely that I was really impressed. He's incredible.

"C" is still good and we might even move his date up to this Sunday if we can squeeze all the lessons in on time and it's not too rushed.

We taught a recent convert named "C" and his girlfriend who's a member, and also "C's" sister, who isn't a member. We also blessed their home. She and the rest of their family are definitely going to get baptized. :)

I have to go but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have a happy new year! I'm excited for a year full of the work of salvation among God's children! This is without a doubt The Lord's church and the path to happiness!

Con Amor,
Elder Hill


"Posing" with his companion and a good friend.

With his companion and the sister missionaries!!

With Hermano Muñoz!

These are all the missionaries in his zone!  What a great looking group!