Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hey everybody!  Happy Easter!

First, I LOVED all the videos that you sent me this past week. I loved seeing everyone and seeing a lot of you. I was surprised to see Maddie with her glasses! But you are super gorgeous Maddie so no worries. :)  Lindsey, you look great and older. Maddie and Lindsey look older, Kurt just looks jackkked (you're welcome for the comment dude), and Mom and Dad just look younger than ever. ;)

I really miss you guys! I had a great week this week, although it's starting to get colder. Just think to yourselves, every day that's warmer for you, I'm just that much colder. ;) haha. It's a fun change though from the heat. I like drinking Ecco more now that it's colder.

Elder Close and I are doing well. He's slowly adjusting to Spanish. This companionship is teaching me a little more about patience in a different aspect I guess haha. We have a lot of fun though when we get all goofy so that's good. :)  Elder Close confirmed "C" yesterday! He was so nervous all week and when he gave her a blessing, he was shaking so much. "C" said her head was being shook the whole blessing haha, but she said it didn't bother her. There are just things that happen she says. She's a good sport. :) She's meeting a lot of the ward now! Her mom also wants to be baptized now because she has seen the blessings that the gospel has brought. Also, when we taught her about temples and baptisms for the dead, she was sold haha.

We taught some less actives that I didn't know before, so we're working with them. We also "broke up" with "F", but we're still on good terms. He said he thought about it and he didn't want to make too many promises that he said he wasn't going to keep always. So, we're done with him for now.

We had a fun activity on Saturday. We watched a play that a guy in our ward was in that was recorded as part of BYU's art program. He had special rights to show it so we invited investigators and watched it. No investigators showed up, but it was a good turn out still and "C" was there. It was so funny to watch our friend from our ward in the play because he had to hide his Chilean accent a little to make it more neutral. It was funny. :)

Nothing too interesting happened to me on Easter, but it was still a good day! I'm super excited for General Conference now!

I miss you all so much and pray for you constantly. I hope all is well at home!

Muchísimo amor,
Elder Hill

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