Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey everyone!

This week went really well for me. I hope the same was for you guys! "C" told us that she is ready and wants to be baptized. So, the offical offical date is the 24th. :)

"F" is still learning and understanding very little. He keeps coming to church though and doing the things that we ask him. So, if he keeps that up, he'll get there eventually. I think he thought that baptism was just a way of saying thanks to God but doesn't mean any more than that. He thinks that it is bad to pray out-loud, because Jesus talks about the hypocrites praying in His Sermon on the Mount, but he doesn't even know what hypocrite means haha. I didn't explain it too well, but I got a good definition from the dictionary that Dad sent me so we'll work with him on that.

We found another investigator named "M" and she has a baptismal date now. I hope she goes the distance, but she says right now that she can only meet with us once a week. We'll have to change that. She's nice and receptive though.

We talked with a man who asked me how we are so happy and full of energy all the time. I told him it was because we are following Jesus Christ. He than asked me if heaven exists and said yes. He told me that it was another planet and that we were going to "jump" to that planet and leave people like him behind. I asked him if we could teach him because he obviously needed help haha. But he said no so we ended it with that.

We have some other investigators, but they aren't progressing much. We're doing our best though! This gospel is too important for everyone to not keep working hard.

Tonight, we're going to teach "A" in a Family Home Evening. I'm planning on talking about the Great Apostasy in depth to help him understand how important a true church is and that it has been restored.

Elder Close is doing well. He's really struggling with Spanish. He's getting frustrated with it a lot too. Pray for him please. We get along really well. I care about him a lot and I want him to have a good time and do a lot with me. I think I'm too serious for his tastes (but you guys know me. I'm not that serious am I? Let me know in the next email haha).

I hope that Chad, Torie, and everyone had a good time in DC and a good trip home. I'm looking forward to be living closer to them. :)

It's crazy to hear about the ward split. I can't believe how the Church is growing. I just saw on that they updated the LDS version of the scriptures too. All of that kind of makes me feel old haha. I feel like I'm seeing changes that one sees as years accumulate. 

I love you guys so much! Everything is going great here. I love this mission and I love seeing how the Lord is blessing all of you. I'm still waiting on your package, but I'll let you know as soon as I get it. I got a letter from Ashton and from Sarah Black this week, which was really nice. :) Ashton is doing well! From what he wrote me, he's having a great time like I am.

That's all I have for this week. Oh, Mom, can you send me a picture of the wall in the family room that you decorated? A member in my ward wants to use it to get ideas on how to decorate her family room haha.

I love and miss you guys sooooo much! I'll talk to you next week!

Con amor,
Elder Hill

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