Tuesday, March 26, 2013



What a week this has been for all of us! I'm so happy to hear about everyone and that Kurt received his Patriarchal Blessing yesterday! I hope you're enjoying the snow days. :) Mom, you must be bored now without having to do so much stuff for primary [she was just released as Primary President]! But I presume that you're putting all of that time now into getting the house ready to sell and getting everyone ready to move out. You all must be so excited.

"C" was baptized yesterday! It turned out to be a wonderful baptism and she was very happy. She asked me to baptize her so I did (although I wanted Elder Close to baptize her). I understand though that I have had much more contact with her and we've become good friends. Her mom told me that she has a testimony of the Church and that she's going to get baptized too! We just need to help her quit smoking and make sure that she has a testimony from the Holy Ghost. Today, the sister missionaries from my sector, "C," and other sister missionaries and elders got together and we hung out for a little bit and had a mini picnic. It was fun. :) "C" is also going to go to an activity with the Young Single Adults tonight, so she is assimilating herself into the ward well! I'm so happy about it.

"F" isn't progressing much so I'm going to speak to him pretty straight-forward and try to resolve any miscommunication that we have between us (and we have a lot because he has weird ideas and I don't speak perfect Spanish haha). We'll see where it goes this week. He didn't go to church yesterday either.

We still meet with "A" here and there. Mondays have seemed to be good times to meet with him lately. We're going to see him after I write you. Right now, I'm working on being his friend and kindly steering him towards the truth. I hope he gets baptized while I'm here, but I'm not sure. We're going to challenge him for baptism again tonight.

President Wright called an unplanned meeting with the new missionaries and their trainers. It was an amazing meeting. He talked about the Atonement and about integrity.

We've been going out with a lot of members lately, but now I'm seeing that it isn't just if we can get a member in the lesson, but that we can help create friendships between members and investigators. I've wondered why investigators aren't progressing even though they have met five or six members that we brought over, and now I've realized that a each member has come over only once. There's no way that the investigator can have a good relationship with that member unless he or she has more contact with them. We're going to bring a couple over to meet with an investigator that we have, and I hope that it goes better.

I'm getting excited for General Conference! I might watch it in Spanish this time because I'm planning on bringing a ton of people. :)

It's still hot here, but it's slowing turning to Fall. I don't need anything at this moment. I can buy thermals here, and if I really need another coat, I'll just buy it. I'm hoping that I receive your package tomorrow. :)

I love you all a TON!  I'm looking forward to Skyping all of you! The time will be here soon!

Con MUCHO amor,
Elder Hill

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