Sunday, February 10, 2013


"Y's" Baptism!

Sector Slam

Superstars of the Santiago East Mission

Just so you know.....I'm still in Los Plátanos! This change is only three weeks though so it will go by fast. We have two new sister missionaries in the ward, although we haven't met them yet. Elder Smith knows about one of them (she's from southern Chile and is supposedly amazing) and her companion is fresh out of the Santiago MTC. I'm excited to work with them. Other big news, "B" got confirmed and "Y" got baptized yesterday! She gave me the honors of baptizing her. She was a little bit of a miracle because our appointments fell everyday of last week until Thursday. We told her that if she wants to get baptized that Sunday, she has to meet with us on Friday and Saturday also, and she did! She said she was very happy to be baptized, and her mom also says she has a lot of interest in the Church and really enjoys listening to us. She said she felt uncomfortable in the Gospel Principles class, but other than that it went well. I was originally going to confirm "B,"but Elder Smith and I barely missed the beginning of Sacrament meeting because we helped "Y's"family get to church and the bishopric already confirmed "B" but he said it was all good so I'm happy that it was a good experience for him.

We also had a huge sector slam with the missionaries from the Santiago MTC in my sector. I felt a little bit like one of the bosses haha. I met a man who works in the MTC who served with Sam Woodruff! His name was Oscar Cedros (or something close to that). You have to love the small Mormon world. :) The new sister missionary was in the sector slam, so I'll figure out which one it was this week haha.

That's great that Garrisonville got two more missionaries! Congratulate Elder De Haan for me please; I'm really happy for him.

I've been thinking a lot about all my friends who are serving missions. I have had the hardest time finding time to write letters but I feel really bad that I haven't been able to really write anyone.

I got a letter from Aunt Amy and Amy Sumner this week! It was great to hear from the Amys in my life haha. Thank you so much! I enjoyed hearing how things are. I always keep you guys in my prayers!

I'm so happy to hear what's happening at home. I send my love to all of you guys. Oh Moes I miss them.  I really liked the photos and videos this week. Brilliant job recording Kurt and Cameron in seminary Maddie haha.

To answer your question, Dad, I can pull my own weight on the Spanish now. I obviously don't know a ton of words and I don't sound like a native (yet haha), but I can understand Chileans and survive perfectly fine. I guess I haven't mentioned Spanish because it isn't something that is bothering me anymore. I want to speak way better and way faster still, but I can talk to people and teach them fine, and I'm sure it'll continue to get better with time and having Latin companions. Hopefully I'm average or above average with gringo missionaries! I've successfully integrated myself into Chile haha.

Mom, thank you for your email. I miss you! There was a woman who made us a really nice meal this week and she was talking about how she is always amazed with the moms who let their children leave for missions. She took care of us that night like a mom would and I felt very loved, almost like you were taking care of me. :)

A man from Utah named Nahimu came down for the weekend to participate in his convert's baby blessing. He took us out to lunch today before he left for his flight and we had a very good conversation. If you ever find and read my emails, Nahimu, thanks for the good time! I saw more of Santiago today than I have in a while and it was a really good day. You also shared some really good advice with Elder Smith and I that I will always remember.

I got your package for me this past week! The cookies worked out perfectly. They were soooo good haha. I still have five more so don't worry that I ate everything at once. ;) Thank you for everything you sent me! I loved getting more ties!

I love you all and miss you so much! Being with Nahimu helped me look at things a little more beyond the mission, and I want to be sure that I do things right, be smart, and trust the Lord. I pray that we all can do that. I can't to hear from you next week!

All my love,
Elder Hill

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