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It feels like another week flew by for me too. Quick summary of what I did: 

On Monday, we had a noche de hogar [FHE] with two families. One family has two children who were baptized, but the mom and her boyfriend aren't members. It went very well.

On Tuesday, we met with a member and her husband (who isn't a member) for the first time after trying for over a month to visit them. We have an appointment for this-coming Tuesday too. We also visited "B," who's doing very well. It's still a little difficult, but, he's making progress and I feel like everything will work out very well. I found out that one of the big reasons that he doesn't want to marry his pareja [girlfriend] is because if he did, then he would have to live with her in her apartment. That means he would leave his mom in the población [by herself outside the city] with no one trustworthy to take care of her. His mom just wants him to get baptized though no matter what happens. So, everything is going well with him. I'm guessing he's going to break up with her. Hopefully in time so that I can be at his baptism.

On Wednesday, we visited with a man who's a member, but we learned from him that he has absolutely no testimony. It was kind of tough to talk to him because he was pretty negative. Then right before we left, we found out that he takes anti-depression medication but didn't take it that day because he thinks he doesn't need it and his wife wasn't there to make him take it. That helped explain a lot.

On Thursday, we visited a less-active who is coming back to activity. We are very happy about her progress. :)  She's a great woman with a strong testimony.

On Friday, we taught a new investigator and set a baptismal date with her! She's 12 and is going to girls camp with the young women this week. We also taught a woman who is a pastor of her own church but was visiting a family member who's LDS. That was fun. :)

I had divisions [splits] on Saturday with Elder Ramirez, a Peruvian. We taught a less-active family, "B," and "P" that night. We taught "B" about the Priesthood and we ran out of time to teach "P" because she got home later than planned. But, our ward mission leader has been visiting her late at night regularly and went on Saturday even though he was really sick and even told me earlier that day that he wouldn't be able to go. He's so cool. Because of him, "P" is progressing and is quitting smoking. :)

On Sunday, "B," "P," and "Y" (the 12 year old investigator), and a ton of people we have been visiting who are less-active came! :)

Basically, this week has been a very good one. We're getting members to come out with us a ton. The only bitter part is that "C" went to the beach with "J," so we haven't been able to progress with him, and nothing has happened with "A." We've let "H" have him for the week so that we didn't bother "A," but we're going to meet with him soon--hopefully today.

Tell Susan I say hi back and tell Kelly hi for me too. Believe it or not, I have been wanting to say hi to them but I have forgotten every time I emailed home. I think about them often and hope that they are well. I hope Kelly's son is preparing for his mission good and early! :) Tell him that missions are the best. Congratulate the missionaries in the ward about their baptism. From one missionary to another, a baptism it is a great joy and accomplishment and I am happy for them.

Mom, about the stuff you asked me. I don't have flea problems were I live, so I have been using the water sprayer for ironing haha. The bed sheets are a little too small for my bed, so I use a bed spread that another elder left behind, and the sheets you made for me as a regular sheet. I personally like using a bed spread more than the sheets sewed up.

I'm always happy to hear how Maddie and Lindsey have good social lives. I might have to crash a party or two of theirs after I'm home. ;)

Tell all the youth thank you for their Christmas card! I loved it. :) It's so good to feel thought of and loved.

The Gospel is true and real, and is the best thing in the universe. I wish everyone felt that way about it. I'm trying to show as many people as possible that it really is. Thank you so much for your prayers. They make all the difference. I'm praying for you guys and everyone back home and on missions. Elder Smith and I are good, healthy, and happy. ¡Que Dios les cuide y protega!

Todo mi amor,
Elder Hill

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