Tuesday, January 1, 2013


With a very cute member of the ward!

This street is decorated for Christmas.

With his companion at the Santiago Temple.

Happy New Year's Eve!

I wish I could Skype you all again right now! It was so good to see you on Christmas. We'll just have to make due with email for a little bit.

After Christmas, my week went really well! We found three new investigators this week and challenged another for baptism and she accepted! A less-active that we've been working with named "O" and her daughter, "C," finally came to church too! On Friday, we contacted a reference that another Elder gave us. Her name is "F" and she has had an extremely difficult family life. She has lost all trust in God, but was very grateful that we came and listened to her. I also believe that the spiritual strength we brought into her home helped her too. She could become a very good investigator if she takes the necessary steps of faith. The cops showed up while we were teaching her too because they were looking for one of her daughters. It is definitely a different way of life here.

I'm starting to really understand faith, and I plan on it changing my missionary work even more. My Ward Mission Leader is teaching me a lot. For example, he was with us last night with "P," the investigator that we challenged for baptism, and Elder Smith and I taught a lesson about baptism and how necessary it is. The discussion was starting to drift more to Elder Smith talking and he didn't challenge her. I really wanted to challenge her and when I looked over at our Ward Mission Leader, he had a look on his face that said "we are challenging her no matter what" haha.  He took control of the conversation and talked about a scripture he really liked and then I just swooped in from behind in the conversation and challenged her point blank. It was perfect! She expressed that she was afraid to take that step but we comforted her and told that she has to take this step of faith in order to reach baptism. She said okay and then I told her about how The Lord knew that she made that decision and that He will bless her and help her. Then she started crying. It was so great! I'm becoming more and more of the missionary I want to be.

"A" didn't come to church yesterday because he is afraid of telling his mom, so keep him in your prayers. We're meeting with him right after I send this email.

"B" is still good for his baptism this coming Sunday! We're all excited. There was a moment when we taught him last week that we asked him how he feels about his date, and he said that he was sure so resolutely that I was really impressed. He's incredible.

"C" is still good and we might even move his date up to this Sunday if we can squeeze all the lessons in on time and it's not too rushed.

We taught a recent convert named "C" and his girlfriend who's a member, and also "C's" sister, who isn't a member. We also blessed their home. She and the rest of their family are definitely going to get baptized. :)

I have to go but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Have a happy new year! I'm excited for a year full of the work of salvation among God's children! This is without a doubt The Lord's church and the path to happiness!

Con Amor,
Elder Hill

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