Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hola! I hope all is well! 

Everything still feels timeless to me here, I honestly can't tell you how many weeks I've been here. I am part of a trio companionship again--the original three are back together.  Our district has gone from nine people to five in the past few weeks.  Elder xxxxxx doesn't believe that Dad is almost a colonel because he thinks I'm too nice and not aggressive enough to be the son of a USAFA graduate haha. 

Teaching is still going well! I've become much more confident with speaking, even though I still make a lot of mistakes and I speak so slow compared to native speakers. One time this week when I was teaching one of our investigators, I was speaking to her and then I got to a point were I read something from Preach My Gospel to help me explain better. She started laughing because she said that once I started reading I was perfectly understandable and I sounded like a actually knew Spanish! At least I can read Spanish well haha. I'll just rely completely on the scriptures and Preach My Gospel and I'll be good. Last week at the TRC, My companion and I taught a 60ish year old man from Argentina and he said he was baptized only the week before! We were so excited to talk to him because he had such a strong testimony and was so sincere and patient with our Spanish. I love the TRC because everything is very genuine. The TRC is nice too because teaching my other investigators becomes routine somewhat. Variety is nice. :) I LOVED hearing from M and L! Thank you for your letters and for telling me about what you're doing! I hope camps have been good and I'm happy to hear EFY and Youth Conference were fantastic! K, how was Warped Tour?? I'm waiting for that autographed picture. ;) 
I received the package you sent! I love it! Be jealous K. ;) I think it'll last me the rest of the time here but we'll see haha. The socks are super comfortable! I liked the sticky notes too. :)
You are definitely not sending too many letters. I love to receive tons of letters and they don't take away from my other time. I promise. :) Keep them coming! I receive DearElders everyday Monday-Friday at four.
One of my companions mentioned today that in a couple weeks we will probably receive our travel itineraries. I'm excited to go to Chile, and I'm really really excited for that chemical reaction between my language and my testimony that Dad talked about. My teacher gave us an example of a discussion last night and he was incredible. He turned every question and doubt we had as investigators into something to help the Spirit be present and teach us. I can't wait to get to that point in my teaching!
The Provo temple was opened today after being cleaned and it was so nice to be there. I'm learning new things every time I go and they're helping me so much!
That's pretty much my week in a nutshell. I love you all so much and I think about you often, but I'm focused on the work so no worries about me being distracted. :) A little scripture to read and think about: Moroni 10: 32-33 is my favorite explanation of the Gospel and is such a powerful testimony of the Savior! Keep coming unto Christ everyone. :)
Con Amor,
Elder Hill
Que tengan una semana maravillosa!

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