Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hey Family! Here's your weekly dose of Seth! Everything is going great! This week has been so much better just because I'm the rhythm of things now.

I loved the DearElder Mom sent me :) It might be easier if you guys just send me a DearElder on Thursday (or any other day!) so that I can read it and be ready to respond on preparation day.

Spanish is coming along; I can understand 80-90% of what my teacher says now, and that breakthrough happened a couple days ago. I'm praying for more of those breakthroughs. I also spoke to a native Spanish speaker last night! We had a good conversation, although he had to slow down a lot for me. Because my Spanish is progressively growing, I don't always realize how much better I'm getting, but I am really amazed how far I've come in a week.

My companionship was broken up because one of the Elders moved up to advanced. I'm really sad he's gone because we became good friends in only a week. I have just one companion now and it is honestly the best. My comp and I click really well and we have a lot of amazing experiences and conversations.

I went through the Provo Temple today! It was really nice to go through a second time because I was able to focus more on the Spirit than the first time -- it was really strong. :) Also, check my credit card history to see where I ate for breakfast this morning...the temple cafeteria! They had much better food there haha.   I'm happy to hear that Girls' Camp and Boys' State went well. I read Maddie's Email today about how she got a tick. Eww....

I'm really happy that people are thinking about me. It means a lot to have so many people care. Tell Ashton that I've been thinking about him. I even ran into his friend who went to Fiji with him! Tell him I ran into Andrew and we talked for awhile.

About the package you want to send me. I would love to have a few snacks because I get really tired of the MTC food (it's not as good as the Cannon Center haha), and anything else you might think I would like! Thank you so much!   I love you all and miss you. You're always in my prayers and I think about you a lot.   Until next week!

Elder Hill

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