Saturday, August 4, 2012


Espero que todas las cosas sean bien con ustedes!!! Que pasa? Everything is going great here. This week, my district and I really committed ourselves to speaking Spanish this whole week, and now I can say from experience that the gift of tongues is real. Even the native speaking districts are pretty impressed! I can understand my teachers nearly perfectly, but probably only because they don't have very strong accents haha. My teaching has improved tons! I can have pretty natural gospel discussions and create open dialogue between myself and investigators. But we'll see once I get to Chile, I'm sure I'm still in for a rude awakening haha. Last night, we were switching up our companionships and teaching ten minute lessons without any preparation. One time, one of my teachers was an investigator for my companion and another friend. He made up the funniest story and kept rambling on and on about it until he had taken up all but two minutes for the two to teach. It was a good time. My teacher said he has had investigators like that in South America, but I'm just praying and hoping that the Lord is preparing others who are truly ready to hear the Gospel. :) My teachers are terrific and I've grown to love them a lot.
I saw Elder Gingrich a couple days ago! He's doing well; I think he's enjoying being thrown into the deep end of the pool language-wise. ;)
I'm beginning to feel like I'm coming to the end of my time at the MTC. I received a notice that says I'm going to be a host for new missionaries this coming Wednesday, which is the job for the "MTC-matured" missionaries haha. I know I still have a couple weeks to go, but since I'm actually comfortable here now, they probably need to get me to Chile haha.
I've been playing "futbol" (it's not soccor in the MTC) a lot here. I'm hopefully getting better... A few days ago someone accidently head-butted me in the jaw so now I have a funny looking bruise on my lip. What's funny about that is one of my teachers was playing futbol earlier this week too and got a black eye, so we kind of match!
The Spirit is so strong here, I definitely know that this is the Lord's Church and I'm engaged in His work. I pray that my desire to serve will bless others' lives for eternity. Thank you for supporting me. :) I love you so much! (Les amo tanto!)
Elder Hill

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