Monday, October 15, 2012


Thank you so much for the happy birthday video! :) President and Hermana Wright called me this morning and sang me happy birthday too. Elder Smith helped me celebrate today by making really good homemade tacos (I also made myself partially uncooked pancakes for breakfast, Kurt, thought you'd be proud of that, and Mom you're probably proud that I was able to make pancakes!). Conference this weeked was amazing! I was able to watch the whole thing in English with all the other American missionaries and with an American family. 

I'm doing a lot in the work here! Yesterday, we went to see a family right after General Conference and talked about the temple with them. I told them that I could see them dressed in white in the temple being sealed, and I think it gave them some motivation. :) I'm seeing how love makes such a difference in people's lives and I'm doing what I can to show Christ's love through who I am. Although I can't express it very well through words, I'm expressing it through kind acts of service, a laugh, a smile, an "hola" haha. I'm confident I will become the missionary the Lord intends for me to be, but I need to work harder. I feel a little more like an equal in my companionship with Elder Smith now. I know the ropes and I offer every bit of support I can give him. He has told me he's grateful, and it's the least I can do for all that he is doing for me.  I can have very good conversations now, but they just aren't natural, and I still have too much of an American accent!  My goal is to completely lose my American accent when I speak Spanish.

I learned a TON from Conference that I'm going to integrate into my life. I'm going to serve more, show people the Lord loves them, show them that the Atonement is without a doubt real, use faith and reason to work miracles, convert myself to His gospel more so I can say without hestitation at the pleasing bar, "Yea Lord, thou knowest that I love thee." I love the Gospel. I thought about how although we are all over the world (family and friends), I felt so close to all of you during General Conference. I felt so much sacred honor and responsiblity whenever someone spoke about missionaries during General Conference. That's me! I'm one of the Lord's servants! He directly spoke to me on Saturday and Sunday in my opinion.

I love you everyone. :) I never have enough time to write you everything I want to say, but I think about you and I pray for you always.

Some quick responses to letters I received this week:

Grandma and Grandpa Hill: Thank you for the birthday email! I love you!!!!!!

Emily: Thank you for your letter!!! I'll try to write you as soon as I can, but that might not be for a while. I love you Emily!!!

Ashton: I got your letter too!!! I'll write when I can as well and I'll beat your drawing. Your river rock battle comrade of unimaginable Elderness, Seth.

L-dawg Yoshimoto! Thank you for your letter!! I'm not being very fly right now by responding by email. But I'll write you when I can!

To all those who have written me and I haven't responded, I'm sorry! I'll try to write when I can but missionary life is incredibly busy! You're in my prayers and I am incredibly greatful. Your love and support mean more to me than you know. :)

Okay I gotta go now. 
¡Les quiero muchisimo!
Seth's birthday package

Seth and Elder Smith taking a snack break!

Seth's mission area!

Watching General Conference! (Well, actually Music and the Spoken Word).

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